Marmaris Bays


İçmeler is a popular Turkish holiday resort situated 8 kilometres from Marmaris. It is also a municipality of its own. The town is surrounded on three sides by pine forests. Hiking on the mountains provides fantastic views of the region and is very popular.

The town has developed rapidly over the last 15 years, accommodation and other tourist facilities mushrooming across the formerly sleepy fishermen’s and sponge divers’ village. As a side to the increasing tourism, this village in the Turkish Riviera is seeing an increasing amount of watersports facilities, such as; scuba diving, waterskiing and many others.

The town developed on the back of tourist seeking a quieter alternative to the overdeveloped Marmaris, many who return annually.

Nightlife is rather scarce in İçmeler. Restaurants and pubs usually feature live music, shows and acts until around midnight. After this time, the only entertainment available is generally the nightclubs. Many tourists enjoy the variation in entertainment, starting in the restaurants in the early evening, moving onto the pubs and mini-discos until midnight and then followed by the nightclubs anywhere up to 4am.



It is located 20 km (12 mi) south of Marmaris on the Mediterranean sea, surrounded by the Taurus Mountains. The area is a former fishing village, and has been populated since ancient times as the sea offers a variety of precious resources. Despite the region’s fast development in recent years, the natural environment of Turunç has been preserved. As a resort, the village has won the Blue Flag award in recognition of its clean beach and water quality. The size of Turunç is about 1 km (0.62 mi), taking half an hour to walk from one side to the other. The waterfront features restaurants, bazaars and bars.

The climate is warm, and enables the tourist season to be 7 months a year from April to October.


Abdi Reis Cove

Located at the edge of the Marmaris, Abdi Reis cove is popular among divers. You can take part in diving activities or attend diving courses. Located 24 kilometers away from Marmaris, Abdi Reis has a lush nature. This magnificent cove, covered with trees, fascinates the visitors with its dramatic landscape. If you plan to visit the cove, do not forget to take a peek underwater by taking part in underwater activities such as snorkeling and scuba-diving. Abdi Reis is the place to visit if you plan a Marmaris blue cruise and love nature.

Yazih Kaya (Yazılı Kaya) ( inscribed rock)

It is a wonderful diving site which is located in the open sea facing part of the island called Yıldız (Star) Island and descends from 30 meters to 30-32 meters. It is more suitable for morning dives.  Yazih Kaya, which has beautiful, very large rocks, gets into a cool air in the afternoon. The flocks of white seabream, two-banded sea bream and oblade, frequently seen, greet everyone who dives. When you go towards the colorful cave direction, it is likely to come across colourful insects.


Known for coarse-grained sands, which is rare for Marmaris, Çiftlik Cove is one of a kind. The beach covers the entire cove, and the sea is crystal clear to match. Çiftlik is suitable for diving as well, by snorkeling, you can witness an amazing underwater world.

Gebekse Cove

Unlike Çiftlik Cove, Gebekse offers ultimate serenity. Not possible to reach by land, the cove is known for its turquoise water. You also can visit historical sites found at the edge. These ancient remains are thought to belong to a church.

Kadırga Cove

This is the dive point located just across the Kadırga Lighthouse, which is the furthest from Marmaris. It has a beautiful Reef ranging from 0 m to 38-40 meters. Kadırga Bay, where experienced divers can make exciting dives, goes to the side of the Fener building and there are ruins of a Hellenistic ship starting from 15 m. There is also a field of thousands of amphoras. All amphoras are adherent to rocks. Especially when the dive season starts, there is a high probability that you will find plenty of bugs and lobsters between rocks and amphoras. At the end of the season, the divers almost always encounters herds of herrings.


The little hilltop fortress overlooking Marmaris and its bay has been nicely restored and is now a fine small museum. Visit it for the castle itself, for the panoramic views from its crenellated walls and towers, but also for the museum exhibits, which are beautifully done. The exhibits range from artifacts discovered at ancient Knidos, at the western tip of the Reşadiye Peninsula, through Hellenic, Hellenistic and Roman coins, seals, oil lamps and pottery, to Ottoman gravestones. The Knidos Room is perhaps the most interesting, with good displays of life in that important seaport where Praxiteles’s fine statue of Aphrodite shocked and delighted the world, and where Saint Paul stopped on his last voyage to Rome to await favorable winds.


Kumlubük is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and fish restaurants. It is place where the best seafood in the region is found and served. The scenery is impressive. The Kumlubük coast and hills have the best trails for nature walks and ecotourists. The cave encountered in the march from Kumlubük coast to the southeast is astonishing. This cave is thought to have been the scene of the first settlement 5 thousand years ago. There are galleries, stalactites and stalagmites. Since it was newly discovered, no scientific research has been conducted yet.

Orhaniye, Kızkumu 

In Orhaniye, the sea is always like a bed sheet. The color of the pine forest around hits the water and the sea has a unique color. The environment is so calm that when you leave yourself in the water, you hear nothing but the sound of you swimming.

In the meantime, people walking in the middle of the sea will attract your attention. You’ll be surprised. As a result of the dune movements, a shallow sea formed from the land. The approximately 600 meters strip is called Kızkumu. And he has a legend. ‘The girl who wanted to reach her lover put sand on her skirt and made progress by filling the sea with it. But the sand was not enough and the girl got drowned at the end of this path in the middle of the sea.’


The village of Selimiye, 18 km (11 miles) southwest of Orhaniye and 37 km (23 miles) southwest of Marmaris is like Marmaris was a half century ago: small, relaxed, friendly, easily walkable, a traditional Turkish seaside town set on a beautiful natural harbor with a few yachts moored to its quai.

Backed by dramatic mountains, Selimiye makes a great base for a few days’ (or more) relaxation, with explorations of the Bozburun Peninsula and perhaps the Reşadiye Peninsula thrown in when you get the itch to travel.

Bozukkale (Loryma)

This lovely area is well worth visiting, is on the southwest of Marmarisand the harbour here is very popular with the Blue Voyage yachts and boats that come to moor in the protected coves.

Historical Sites in Bozukkale

This Gulf had strategic value in the past; a fleet of ships from Athens moored here in 1412 BC and another during theKnidos Sea War in 395 BC. You can find remains of the ancient city of Loryma , dating from the 7th century BC, and although it is fairly difficult to get to as you have to go by boat to Bozukkale Harbour and from there it’s a two hour trek, it is worthwhile. These 7th century BC ruins were once part of the foundations of Rhodes and originally established in a region known as Oplosica.
At the harbour there are ruins of a castle that has 9 square towers on its top wall and the best preserved part measures 120m high and 10m wide, although all the inner buildings have long since gone. During the Byzantine period it was the base for the fleet and also had a warehouse for weapons.

Dişlice Adası

Dişlice Island is an island connected to Hisarönü district of Marmaris. It is possible to reach to Dişlice Island thanks to boats departing from Marmaris. With its beauty and amazing, those who see the ‘Tooth’ Island are fascinated. Having a wild charm is the biggest factor that fascinates its visitors. In addition, the view resembles a lower palate divided by the sea. That’s why its name.


Hidden among pine trees and olive groves, filled with the intoxicating aroma of wild thyme, sage and bay leaves, you will find one of the few unspoiled location remaining in Turkey. The bay of Karacasögüt is a naturally beautiful location. Karacasöğüt harbour is one of the places where the blue cruise boats mestop everyti. It has a unique waterfall and a cave. Karacasogut Waterfall and Karacain Cave from Karacasöğüt towards the Okluk bay.

Boncuk Cove

Boncuk Bay is 9 kilometers away from Camlik Village. One of the most loved bays in the area, is  very convenient for those who like to swim in the rocky ground and looking for a quiet place. The water is clear and has a relaxing feature. The resort has a recreation and camping area and palm trees. Boncuk Bay, where sharks can be found, was declared a site in 1990. Therefore, sharks are monitored by cameras.

Saranda Cove

Saranda Bay is located 3 kilometers from Söğüt village and is actually one of the undiscovered places. Since Saranda Bay is not yet discovered, the transportation is currently being provided by a mug road but impresses its visitors with its magnificent and enchanting beauty. Especially at sunset, watching this unique beauty gives people quite peace.

İnbükü Cove

İnbükü Bay is one of the notorious bays of Marmaris. For this reason, it hosts local as well as foreigners tourists in the best way every year. It has a unique beauty with its nature and magnificent view. Furthermore, it is well known for the delicious drinking water coming from the mountains.

Bördübet Koyu

An attraction especially for those interested in photography. The most important feature of Bördübet Bay is that it has a sea entering into pine forests by means of a channel which is 200 meters wide and 600 meters long. Bördübet Bay has an area surrounded by pine forests and forests. When you get there, the chirping of the birds sounds like a nice melody.

Island of Kamelya

One of the reasons for visiting it is the clear blue sea and the clean environment. It is also possible to see the bottom of the sea for 30 kilometers due to a feature of the sea. There is also a monastery which can be climbed by people of all ages. Because of its beauty, every year a large number of local and foreign tourists are flocking.