Since the Datça Peninsula has been declared as a Specially Protected Environmental Area, it is a candidate to become one of the most important tourism centers of the region in the future with its unspoiled nature, 235 kilometers of coastline and 52 coves, rich flora and fauna, and the ancient city of Knidos.

Datça has many blue flag beaches, these can be listed as Aktur Tatil Sitesi Beach, Aktur Camping Beach, Karaincir Beach, Hospitalalti Beach, Periliköşk Beach, Billurkent Beach.  There are wide opportunities in terms of environmental tourism, and our country, which is concentrated between Bodrum and Fethiye, is important as a place where yacht tourism focused in.

On the other hand, it has ideal environments where nature and water sports such as trekking, surfing and sailing can be practiced for domestic and foreign tourists who spend their holidays in our regions.  It is also an ideal place for health tourism due to its constantly blowing wind, providing a holiday opportunity where humidity is not felt, and plenty of oxygen.

Tourism has gained importance in the financial life of the district, with the district being declared a priority tourism region in 1970, and has become an important source of income for the people.  Parallel to this phenomenon, it is observed that the number of facilities that increase the accommodation opportunity in the district is increasing rapidly from year to year.

The Datça Peninsula is a very important route for boats that organize a “Blue Cruise” from Bodrum and Marmaris.  Boats and yachts from the Aegean Islands occupy an important place among the boats entering and leaving Datça Harbor.

Greeks from the Greek islands, especially from the islands of Rhodes and Symi, come to the county to shop on Saturdays by boat, providing foreign currency inflow to the county.  The construction works carried out outside the tourism season keep the financial life alive besides the agriculture in the winter months.

Historical monuments

Remains of a mosque and ceramic workshops from the Seljuks in Hızırşah village;  Mehmet Ali Ağa Mansion and Reşadiye Mosque in Reşadiye Neighborhood and temple ruins in Emecik village are some of the artifacts that have survived from history.

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